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Accounting Principles: Financial Transactions, Subsidiary Ledgers and Interim Reports

Author    Anne Collins, Andrew Duncan
13th edition, 2018.
ISBN    978-1-92543-369-2

Accounting Principles: Prepare Financial Reports

Author    Anne Collins, Andrew Duncan
12th edition
ISBN    978-1-92543-303-6

Advanced Income Tax Law

Author    Peter Baker, Geoff Cliff & Sonia Deaner
15th edition
ISBN    978-1-76073-003-1

Apply Principles of Professional Practice to Work in the Financial Services

Audit and Report on Financial Systems and Records

Author    Lee Homewood
3rd edition
ISBN    9978-1-87612-423-6

Australian Business Law: Compliance and Practice

Author    Roger Vickery, MaryAnne Flood
7th edition
ISBN    978-1-44253-785-9

Budgeting: A Practical Approach

Author    Russell Clowes, Vic Scriven
2nd edition
Publisher    Pearson Higher Education
ISBN    978-1-44251-703-5

Business Computing Using Microsoft Office 2013

Author    Greg Pazmandy
5th edition
ISBN    978-0-98740-320-9

Carry out Business Activity & Instalment Activity Statement Tasks

Author    Phillip Charles, Sonia Deane
8th edition
ISBN    978-1-92543-371-5

Company Accounting: Prepare Financial Reports for a Reporting Entity

Author    Alexander Douglas Mills, William Laurence Woodford
2nd edition
Publisher    Pearson Higher Education
ISBN    978-1-44250-505-6

Computerised Accounting using MYOB 2016.2

Author Greg Pazmandy
8th edition
ISBN 978-1-92543-381-4

Corporations Law: In Principle

Author    Jeswynn Yogaratnam, Lidia Xynas
10th edition
ISBN    978-0-45523-796-1

Develop & Use Complex Spreadsheets, Using Excel 2013

Author    Greg Pazmandy
3rd Edition, 2016.
Publisher    Tekniks Publications 
ISBN    978-0-07015-923-5

Economics for Business

Author:  Ian Fraser, John Gionea and Simon Fraser
4th Edition
Publisher    McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN    978-0-07099-843-8

Everyday Bookkeeping with MYOB

Prepare match and process receipts (FNSACM302)
Process payment documentation (FNSACM303)
Administer financial accounts (FNSACM301)
Process customer transactions (FNSRTS306)
Learner Guide: $11.00 Add To Cart
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Everyday with MYOB

Author: Elizabeth Haverfield
2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-1-92552-726-1

Financial Institutions Management - A Risk Management Approach

Author    Helen Lange, Anthony Saunders, Marcia Millon Cornett
Third edition
Publisher    McGraw-Hill Australia
ISBN    978-1-74307-613-2

Financial Management

ISBN:978-1-44252-515-3, 978-0-17038-704-0
Two (2) Editions available:

5th Edition
Authors:    Clive Wilson, Bruce Keers, Andrew Medlen and Brian Walters
Publisher    Pearson Education Australia
ISBN    978-1-44252-515-3

6th Edition
Authors:    Clive Wilson, Bruce Keers, Ronni Johnston, Andrew Medlen, Brian Walters 
Publisher    Cengage Learning Australia
ISBN    978-0-17038-704-0
5th Edition Book: $96.96 Add To Cart
6th Edition Book: $99.95 Add To Cart
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Financial Market Essentials

Author    Christopher Viney
1st Edition
Publisher    McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN    978-0-07028-665-8

Financial Planning in Australia: Advice and Wealth Management

Author Sharon Taylor
7th edition
Publisher LexisNexis
ISBN 978-0-40934-177-5

Investigating Made Simple

Author    Garry Maher
Publisher    Joshua Books 
ISBN    978-0-64653-393-3

Manage Budgets and Financial Plans

FNSORG602 Manage budgets and financial plans
Learner Guide: $11.00 Add To Cart
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Management Accounting

Author    William Neish,  Alan Banks
Third edition
Publisher    McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
ISBN    978-0-07027-844-8

Management Strategies and Skills

Author    Judith Dwyer, Nicole Hopwood
Second edition
Publisher    McGraw-Hill Australia 
ISBN    978-1-74307-752-8

Nutshell: Trusts

Author    Gino Dal Pont
6th edition
Publisher    Thomson Reuters, Australia
ISBN    978-0-45523-552-3

Payroll Accounting

Author    Anne Collins, Greg Pazmandy
9th edition 
ISBN    978-1-76073-001-7

Includes detailed coverage of the Payroll features of MYOB.
The 9th Edition is current as at January 2018.  Examples and exercises are set for the 2018 Tax year. 
Units:  FNSBKG405 - Establish and maintain a payroll system.

Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities

Prepare operational budgets

Prepare Tax Documentation for Individuals

Author    Peter Baker, Geoff Cliff, Sonia Deaner
15th edition - 2018.
ISBN    978-1-76073-002-4

Principles of Internal Control and Corporate Governance

Author    Alan Trenerry
First edition
Publisher    McGraw-Hill Education - Europe 
ISBN    978-0-07015-923-5

Process business tax requirements

Produce job costing information

Selling: Managing Customer Relationships

Author    Peter Rix
Third edition
Publisher    McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN    978-0-07471-561-1

Statistics: Making Business Decisions

Author:  John Croucher
1st Edition
Publisher    McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN    978-0-07471-041-8

The Business Communication Handbook

Authors:    Judith Dwyer, Nicole Hopwood
10th Edition
Publisher    Cengage Learning Australia
ISBN    978-0-17035-417-2