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The Firearms Safety DVD contains four sections: Introducing ballistics (7 minutes 48 seconds), Shotguns (13 minutes 18 seconds), No second chance (17 minutes 42 seconds), Are you feeling lucky? (17 minutes 27 seconds).


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Firearms & the Law in South Australia

The Firearms Law in SA Workbook complements the Firearms Safety book by focusing upon SA's legislation relating to the possession and use firearms. Firearms' owners are required to understand the classification system applied to various types of firearms and are legally bound to store firearms and ammunition safely. The rules applicable to licence holders in SA are extremely important since failure to comply can involve significant penalties including fines and imprisonment. Apart from the Firearms Act (1977) the book also explains the other legislation affecting shooting, including hunting, protected species and animal welfare laws, laws relating to assaults, discharge of firearms, firearms in public places and various laws to do with weapons. Written exercises are also included in this volume.

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Firearms Safety Workbook

The Firearms Safety Workbook is a 48 page learner guide to firearms safety. It is designed for persons seeking a firearms licence for both unsupervised recreational shooting and for firearms used in primary production. The first section deals with manually operated firearms in classes (or categories) A and B, while the second section covers self-loading firearms in class (or category) C.
Beginning with the basics of firearm operation, the learner is led through the fundamentals of ballistics, firearms maintenance and the safe and ethical use of firearms in the field. Because the course is designed to include a practical session, the book also includes an introduction to shooting on a range. The practical sessions are discussed in some detail and provision is made for a record of the learner's performance to be included. Written exercises that reinforce the important aspects of the course are included.

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