French Pastries - Patisserie


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This module gives students the opportunity to test their ability to analyse, plan and execute a selection of cakes and pastries to a high standard of quality in a pre-determined time frame. Learning outcomes cover the preparation and presentation of: • sweet paste and derivatives • croissants • Danish pastries • sponge and choux items • coffee shop tasks.


AQF - Australian Quality Framework
Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV

Competency Field

National Code -
SITHPAT001A: Prepare and produce pastries, SITHPAT005A: Prepare and present gateaux torten and cakes

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TAFEshop Identifier: TAFESA-669

TAFEshop Catalogue: 09.062.0382-E1


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Yeast Products - Patisserie

This module aims to extend the student’s knowledge and skills in the production and finishing of an extensive range of yeast raised products to the level of proficiency suitable for a hotel, restaurant, cake shop or coffee shop operation. On successful completion of this subject the student should be able to: • prepare light, medium and heavy yeast doughs using different preparation methods • apply correct working methods when using yeast as a leavening agent • select the correct ingredients, equipment and mixing procedures for making a variety of yeast products • determine and demonstrate the correct pinning out, rolling, folding, spreading, filling, resting, proving, baking and finishing • demonstrate an understanding of the correct storage, chilling and freezing techniques required to retain quality and to maximize shelf life of baked yeast products • identify common faults in yeast raised products and define corrective steps to ensure quality control.

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Gateaux, Torten and Cakes - Patisserie

In this module the student will learn to prepare a selection of different gâteaux, Torten and cakes. Learning outcomes expose the students to: • the important factors which guarantee the best achievable quality product • a variety of fillings, including a representative of each of the possible production methods for the different bases • a variety of fillings, including a representative of each of the possible preparation methods with emphasis on flavour, consistency, shelf life and freezability • a modern and neat way of finishing and decorating the products, taking into consideration the level of students' past experience and the time available • handling, packaging, storing, presentation and service of gâteaux, Torten and cakes • instant customer feedback by serving their products in a coffee shop situation.

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Chocolate work, Marzipan work and Petit Fours - Patisserie

This manual aims to: • Enable the student to develop to a high standard the skills, techniques and processes involved in tempering chocolate correctly, dip and cover patisserie and confectionery products with chocolate and use chocolate for decorating and for display centre pieces, • Introduce students to the aspects of marzipan preparation and handling, and • Equip the student with the knowledge and skills associated with the preparation, decoration and display of a variety of petit fours. On successful completion of this subject the student should be able to: • understand and explain the difference between compound chocolate and pure coating chocolate (coverture) • correctly prepare and temper chocolate prior to use • coat, dip, pipe and mould chocolate for a range of patisserie and confectionery products • demonstrate an understanding of the principles of the correct storage and packaging procedures for products from or with chocolate.

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