Baked Pastries - Patisserie


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This manual aims to extend the student’s knowledge and skills to a level of proficiency in the production and finishing of an extensive range of baked pastries suitable for a hotel, restaurant or coffee shop operation. On successful completion of this subject the student should be able to: describe the function and performance of the various ingredients in a range of baked pastry formulae; select the correct ingredients, equipment and mixing procedures for a variety of baked pastries; demonstrate the correct rolling, folding, piping, cutting, filling, marking, proving, resting and baking techniques for a wide range of baked pastries; apply relevant filling and finishing techniques to the baked pastries; demonstrate an understanding of the correct storage, chilling and freezing techniques required to maximize shelf life of baked pastry products; identify common faults in baked pastries and define corrective steps for these faults to ensure quality control.


AQF - Australian Quality Framework
Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV

Competency Field

National Code -
SITHPAT001A: Prepare and produce pastries, SITHPAT004A: Prepare bakery products for patisseries

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TAFEshop Identifier: TAFESA-665


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