The Business Communication Handbook


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Author name    Judith Dwyer, Nicole Hopwood
Edition 10
Publisher    Cengage Learning Australia
ISBN    978-0-17035-417-2

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TAFEshop Identifier: TAFESA-2120

ISBN: 978-0-17035-417-2

TAFEshop Catalogue: e-Book-9780170354172


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Financial Services Skills

Work Effectively with Others (BSBWOR203)
Work Effectively in the Financial Services Industry (FNSINC301)
Develop and Use a Savings Plan (FNSFLT202)
Develop Knowledge of Taxation (FNSFLT206)

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Financial Institutions Management

Author name    Helen Lange, Anthony Saunders, Marcia Millon Cornett
3rd Edition
Publisher    McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN    978-1-74307-613-2


Everyday Bookkeeping with MYOB

Prepare match and process receipts (FNSACM302)
Process payment documentation (FNSACM303)
Administer financial accounts (FNSACM301)
Process customer transactions (FNSRTS306)

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