Support Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander families to participate in children's services


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Through reflections this learner guide will develop your attitudes, practices and understanding of culture and how you shift between different cultures easily and fluently. Your understanding of culture and your ability to move between cultures will recognise and promote the acceptance of children and families, within the context of their community, their culture, history and diversity. Through gaining an understanding of the historical events that have shaped the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and acknowledging the open welcoming style required to accept the diversity of families, you, as a professional worker in a children’s service, will be able to encourage and support participation and sense of belonging for all people associated with your service.


AQF - Australian Quality Framework
Certificate III

Competency Field
Children's Services

National Code -
CHCIC302A: Support Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander families to participate in childrens services

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