Welding Inspection Practice 1


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The module (EA818) will provide the student with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary for the Certification of Inspectors for Welded Fabrications in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.


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Metal Products Manufacturing

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Weld Testing and Inspection Units 1 to 6 - Part B

The module (EA862) aims to provide the trainee with knowledge and skills in the preparation of quality control plans, visual inspection, destructive and nondestructive testing of weldments to syllabus item 7 of AS1796, SAA Welder Certification Code, Certificate No. 10 and syllabus item 6 of AS2214, The Certification of Welding Supervisors in Structural Steel Welding.

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Steel Structures - Codes and Specifications Units 1 to 12 - Part C

The module (NF77) aims to provide knowledge and skills necessary for the interpretation of rules set out in Australian/New Zealand Standard 1554 Parts 1-6 SAA Structural Steel Welding Code and other relevant Australian codes associated with steel structures as set out in AS2214 the Certification of Welding Supervisors in Structural Steel Welding, Rule 7, Syllabus item 9.

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