The First 4 Minutes - First Aid


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Do you know that your first aid knowledge is more likely to be used to help someone you know than a complete stranger? Learning first aid means that you could provide emergency care for your family, friends or co-workers and you may save the life of someone very close and dear to you.

Incorporates Perform CPR (HLTCPR211A) and Provide basic emergency life support (HLTFA211A)

For more information on any First Aid course please visit: TAFE SA Courses


AQF - Australian Quality Framework
Certificate III

Competency Field
Community Care and Welfare

National Code -
HLTFA311A: Apply first aid

Catalogue Item

TAFEshop Identifier: TAFESA-1299

TAFEshop Catalogue: 08.153.0906-E5

ISBN: 978-1-86506-499-4

TAFEshop Catalogue: 08.153.2338-E1

TAFEshop Catalogue: 08.153.2339-E1


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Mini Anne inflatable CPR manikin - First Aid

CPR – TAFE SA Learn to save a life in 30 minutes How does it work? This is a revolutionary method of teaching the core skills of CPR. It uses a unique "practice-while-watching" technique where users practice CPR on a personal manikin (Mini Anne) while watching these skills being taught and performed on a DVD. This program has been research proven equivalent to, or better than, a traditional CPR course for learning the core skills of CPR.

• Educationally effective by offering all the essential features necessary for learning adult CPR, defibrillation and defibrillator pad placement.
• Affordable training through increased hands-on practice by allowing higher student-to-manikin ratios
• Realistic anatomical landmarks provide the essential features necessary to teach quality adult CPR and defibrillation techniques Logistically convenient lightweight design makes the AED Little Anne Training system easy to transport
• Additional instructor flexibility through unique control of the scenario by use of the remote control unit
• Durable construction allows unequalled long-term use.

For more information on any First Aid course please visit: TAFE SA Courses

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