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Australian Business Law: Compliance and Practice

Author    Roger Vickery, MaryAnne Flood
7th edition
ISBN    978-1-44253-785-9

Budgeting: A Practical Approach

Author    Russell Clowes, Vic Scriven
2nd edition
Publisher    Pearson Higher Education
ISBN    978-1-44251-703-5

Company Accounting - Prepare Financial Reports for Corporate Entities

Authors: Alexander Mills
Third Edition
Publisher Cengage Learning Australia
ISBN 978-0-17037-407-1
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Corporations Law: In Principle

Author    Jeswynn Yogaratnam, Lidia Xynas
10th edition
ISBN    978-0-45523-796-1

Economics for Business

Author:  Ian Fraser, John Gionea and Simon Fraser
4th Edition
Publisher    McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN    978-0-07099-843-8

Financial Management

Two (2) Editions available:

5th Edition
Authors:    Clive Wilson, Bruce Keers, Andrew Medlen and Brian Walters
Publisher    Pearson Education Australia
ISBN    978-1-44252-515-3

6th Edition
Authors:    Clive Wilson, Bruce Keers, Ronni Johnston, Andrew Medlen, Brian Walters 
Publisher    Cengage Learning Australia
ISBN    978-0-17038-704-0
6th Edition Book: $99.95 Add To Cart
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Manage Budgets and Financial Plans

FNSORG602 Manage budgets and financial plans
Learner Guide: $11.00 Add To Cart
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Management Accounting

Author    William Neish,  Alan Banks
Third edition
Publisher    McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
ISBN    978-0-07027-844-8
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